Wax Reprocessing

Do you want to reprocess your wax into plates?

We offer beekeepers the opportunity to reprocess their melted wax for new wax plates. You can personally bring your wax to our warehouse or ship your wax via post. Beekeepers are responsible for all shipping fees themselves. We charge 2.99€/kg for reprocessing your wax, there is no minimum order quantity and you may choose any plate and cell size that you need. Please let us know if you would like to sell your wax or portions of your wax to us.

It is possible for us to quickly reprocess and split your wax by using multiple boilers and machines, even in smaller quantities. Each beekeeper will therefore receive their own wax back!

In order for us to process your order quickly, please fill out the information below and generate a free wax processing ticket. Orders are usually processed within 5 days after having received your wax and you can check your ticket status here. If you still have any further questions regarding our process, please view our help page.

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