About Us



Our shop consists of over 80 beekeeping products ranging from wax, honey extractors, beehives, bottling, honey processing, chemicals, clothing, accessories and more. You can purchase our products through our online store or visit us personally in Aulendorf (Germany).

Wax Reprocessing

We offer beekeepers the opportunity to filter and reprocess their melted wax to new wax plates. Beekeepers may have their wax reprocessed in all millimetre dimensions as well as two cell sizes. You can personally bring and pick up your wax to our warehouse or use your local post.


Food Sirup Station

In order to supply your bees with food during winter days, you can use our food sirup station to refill your sirup supplies. Our food sirup is an affordable method to keep your beehives strong and healthy when needed. We offer bulk discounts for larger quantities and bee clubs.